Our Program

In the magical period of early childhood, children’s senses awaken. To help your child to develop happily and harmoniously, it is particularly important during this crucial period to provide an environment that stimulates imagination, emotional intelligence and encourages self-confidence. This is why La Chouette Ecole,  offers a rich and varied program in art, music, theatre, sport and information technology, in addition to traditional education. La Chouette Ecole adheres to the standards set in "l’Education Nationale" 


 "A book is a window through which one may escape " Julien Green

We guide the children in selecting books and reads them stories. Our pupils soon become familiar with the sounds and rhythms of the words and develop an early interest in following a story. As a result, reading becomes a pleasure. This initiation into discovering literary texts constitutes an irreplaceable pillar of their creative development.


Artistic workshop

A  teacher introduces the children to painting, drawing techniques and arts and crafts. The visual and physical sensory activities increase opportunities for children. They solicit imagination and enrich their knowledge and abilities of expression; they help to develop attention and concentration skills. Through the most varied forms of artistic expression, they experience emotions and acquire the first landmarks in the world of creation. These activities have many links with other areas of learning; they encourage the children to express their tastes and preferences while they interact with others.



Children are allowed to express themselves freely with enthusiasm and imagination, culminating in two school performances: one at Christmas and another at the end of the year. We regularly invite performing arts professionals to do workshops for our pupils. . In addition, we put on puppet shows and participate in guided pretend play, letting the children learn important social skills through interaction with their peers. 


Music and Movement

We invite a professional musician to give classes in singing, rhythm and percussion. Music provides an introduction to understanding tones not only in songs but in speech as well. Music and movement help language aquisition and development which is why it is an important part of our programme.


Gross motor Skills

As a part of our regular programme we offer a wide range of sports and gross motor activities, adapted to the age and the ability of the children. We promote an active lifestyle and believe that should start at a young age. 



Raising awareness about the importance of protecting our planet


It has become essential to protect our environment and to care for the future of our planet.
Children are our future. Our aim is to make them responsible citizens, respectful of their environment.


Trips and educational outings

Depending on the age of the children, we regularly offer educational outings, teaching excursions where children have the opportunity to explore the world around us.